“I started training after I seeing the amazing transformation of my work colleague whoโ€™s been training with Mind Body Wellbeing.  The thing I love best about training is that I am improving my fitness levels every single week and I am achieving those techniques I find challenging and I feel absolutely amazing after each session.  I have an great relationship with my Trainer Mel, even though I winge my ass off at most sessions, she pushes me, acknowledges when I have done well and helps me to the next level and encourages me to do better each week.  I always love attending training and I miss it when I cannot make it.” Justine Fryer

“What I was doing to achieve my goals were not working, so I started my first training session a little hesitant, but it encouraged me to do more!  I have lost a bunch of weight and reached my specific goal, and I am now wanting to tone up and keep fit.  I am constantly being encouraged and supported through my journey and I have a fantastic relationship with my trainer.  My Trainer gave me a full makeover to show she was proud of my efforts, and my new look makes me feel amazing!  The most important aspect of Training is knowing what you are doing is working.” Debbie Figg

“Mind Body Wellbeing Training Sessions have exceeded my expectations with such a variety of exercises I constantly feel motivated to train and thus have increased my sessions per week from 2 to 5.  Having the guidance and constantly learning at PT different exercises, stretches, muscle groups and nutritional information is an added bonus. My personal health goals change constantly, and when I meet or come close to a goal we set new goals. I find Mel an extremely professional and knowledgeable  trainer.  She is dedicated and genuinely wants the best for each of her clients.  She is always on time and so forgiving when Iโ€™m not!” Laura Brown

“I liked the idea of training out in the park and needed some guidance to get back into shape after having a baby, so I found out about Mind Body Wellbeing and thought I would give them ago.  I am learning proper techniques and effective exercises in a supportive environment.  I really feel a sense of achievement after each and every session.  I have only been training with Mind Body Wellbeing for 2 months now, but I am noticing a huge difference in my core strength especially, and I am really enjoying training.” Jane Brennan

“I wanted to feel more confident in myself and my body and had a goal to reach leading up to my wedding, and a huge thing for me is trusting  my Trainer and being comfortable and setting realistic goals.  I found Mel at Mind Body Wellbeing and I highly recommend her and the Team.  Mel is fantastic and she has become a friend as well as a Trainer and I appreciate her support.  I am now married and I am setting my next goals, and that is staying in shape for the rest of my life!” Jessica Mirich

“I decided to hire a Personal Trainer to achieve my personal goals quicker.  Mind Body Wellbeing really understands each and every clients personal goals and works together to achieve them.  I love training outdoors and being told what to do, as I would not push myself as hard on my own.  I do a mix of Personal Training and Group Sessions, and I love all the Trainers, they all have a different approach and fun way of training and find them very knowledgeable.  They also help me with my Nutrition so that a mix of healthy eating and exercise I can reach my goals quicker.” Lauren Mansour

“I am now in my third year of training.  There is heart disease in my family and I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis so I am very particular with my Trainer.  Mind Body Wellbeing are very professional, reliable and has great variety in activities and modifies them well to my limitations.  I train early in the mornings and it give me so much energy to enjoy my day.” Allison Hegh

“I have been training with Clint at Mind Body Wellbeing for about 5 years.  I like the fact that having a regular commitment and doing things you probably wouldn’t do yourself.  Clint just needs to stop saying โ€œlowerโ€ at my perfect push ups!! ๐Ÿ™‚  I am very happy and satisfied with my Training and with Mind Body Wellbeing.” Matthew Hart

“I trust Mel to train me the best way possible, she understands my goals and capability levels.  I find her very knowledgeable and clearly believes in what she is doing.  I really enjoy my one-on-one sessions and I can highly recommend to my family and friends.  I have been training for 2 years now and I definitely reaching my goals.” Julia Quinn

“I saw Mind Body Wellbeing at the park about a year ago now, and I liked what I saw!  I really needed the extra push and needed someone to give me a bit of a kick.  I have met goals that I had when I first commenced training, and as my health and fitness journey continues, and an reaching more goals.  I would absolutely recommend Mind Body Wellbeing and I have already done so ๐Ÿ™‚ ” Anitra Clive